The Basics of Brazilian Banking According Igor Cornelsen



Igor Cornelsen is a successful banker in Brazil. He has worked in the banking department in Brazil for many years, and this means that he understands the financial systems in the country. The country has not experienced economic growth in the recent times, but investors from all over the world are interested in doing business in the country. Investors who want to invest in Brazil should learn the following basics:


Brazil has ten banks that control everything

Brazil is considered to one of the largest economies in South America. The country is also one of the most important in the world. Ten powerful banks run the show in the country, and all investors should choose them when making their investment decisions.


Having a new leader will put the economy on track

The economy in Brazil has not been doing well for several years now. According to Igor Cornelsen, the new economic matrix that was invented by Guido Mantega has only brought failures. However, the new finance minister who was recently appointed has all the expertise, and he is already putting things in their old form. Joaquim Levy has brought hope to the people and banks in Brazil. His opinions and policies are different from those of Dilma Roussef, and people like Igor Cornelsen say that he is the right candidate for the position.


China shouldn’t be ignored

One of the largest trading partners for Brazil is China. According to Igor Cornelsen, the two economies are linked to each other, and any changes in the Chinese economy will significantly affect the Brazilian economy. China is also one of the greatest competitors for Brazil, and this means that the Brazilians should keep a close eye on any activity taking place in the country.


Understand the true value of the Brazilian currency

The Real is the form of currency used in Brazil. In the recent past, this currency has been undervalued significantly. This has led to the loss of value to the competitiveness of the industrialized exports in the country. The result has been huge deficits. The central bank in the country is currently selling dollar swaps in the local market to stop the currently from depreciating.

About Igor

Igor Cornelsen is one of the top investors from Brazil, and has been featured on massive websites like CNN.  Make sure that you check out what he’s accomplished on LinkedIn, but you can also follow his journey for yourself through Facebook.