John Goullet Helps Job Seekers in the IT Industry

When it comes time to finding a job, it can be a difficult task. There are tons of jobs out there whether you are looking online or in the newspaper, but how do you know which one is right for you in your field? If you are an IT specialist, this can be a little more challenging as you have to look at the overall big picture and see if that particular job is right for you. The compensation and the benefits might be nice, but you still have to think about if you would be happy working there?

At Diversant, they make the job hunt much easier by helping to place you in the right position. They look beyond your resume and look at your personality instead. They want to make sure they fit you into the right job for long term success. At Diversant, they want to make sure your capabilities are represented accurately in order to present them to potential clients. They do not believe in changing up your resume to meet the client’s needs, but finding out what will work best for you.

John Goullet, Principal Executive of Diversant, merged this company in 2010 from Info Technologies. John began his career working as an IT consultant before deciding on IT staffing instead. He understands emerging market trends perfectly and has developed many highly successful projects within the IT job market. He founded Info Technologies, which grew to $30 million in just five years. John is the type of person who knows what he is doing and does it very well. He has a passion for developing new ways to overcome challenges and obstacles he faces when working in this industry.

He is a guy you can get behind and trust. He will go above and beyond to make his clients happy and understands what it takes to get the right fit for his clients. John does not want to see a person in a job where they are unhappy and where they do not fit. He wants to see them become a success and enjoy the job that they are in. He wants them to be a success story.

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