Jason Hope Highlights How The Internet Of Things Has Impacted The Society

Jason Hope is a skilled futurist who has vast knowledge in the field of technology. Owing to his extensive experience in the field, Jason’s predictions on trending technologies are highly regarded by other professionals. Recently, Jason has paid special attention to the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its influence in the modern society. He has written widely about the subject. Some of his publications include “The Risks of the Internet of Things,” “5 Predictions for the Internet of Things,” “The Marriage of IoT and Marketing,” and “The Biggest Problem with the Internet of Things.”

According to Jason Hope, IoT, which is the biggest advancement in technology, has the potential to completely change business operations. Many corporations are likely to invest heavily in IoT for purposes of increasing their efficiency in the market. This strategy will force smaller companies to follow the path to operate as a going concern and remain competitive. Jason says that the competition will give rise to a world where almost all conceivable devices are connected to each other. Presently, most companies apply the technology through smart phones and computers. In future, they are likely to expand the application of IoT to daily routines like making coffee or switching off lights in the evening after leaving office. Jason notes that technological companies will be in competition to create apps that enhance the application of IoT to consumers.

Looking at advantages of the Internet of Things, Jason mentions that the technology has the ability to eliminate waste while making daily lives safer. For instance, the public transport sector has experienced numerous improvements thanks to IoT. Monitoring of maintenance processes in trains has been enhanced while real-time mapping of public bus routes has helped passengers to avoid bad conditions on the roads. The technology has helped to reduce congestion on the roads, thus less pollution. In the rural settings, GPRS tracking technologies have improved emergency response during accidents. Jason Hope is optimistic that IoT is going to have a deeper impact in future.

Besides his expertise in technology, Jason Hope is an active investor, shrewd entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Later, Jason joined the institution’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA. When he ventured into entrepreneurship, Jason established his first mobile communications company. Presently, he invests in biotechnology startups. Notably, Jason serves the community of Arizona by mentoring young entrepreneurs and funding different initiatives.

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