Fabletics: Delighting an Online Crowd to Drive Success

Just a few years ago Fabletics was a baby brand. The company was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson and fashion company TechStyle Group, LLC. Today, the brand has seen triple-digit growth with sales soaring to over $230 million. Their marketing is clever and catchy. Their products are stylish and beloved. It seems they are everywhere, and that is an intentional move by their marketing team.


Fabletics has always been a digital-first company. Since it was founded Fabletics has focused on giving its customers a fun and flawless digital experience. Members love the experience they receive when they visit Fabletics digital showroom. Fabletics is leveraging the love buyers have for their online shopping experience by encouraging them to post reviews in a variety of places including Google and on social media. By leveraging the power of the company’s current crowd of consumers the company is gaining new members and building customer loyalty.


Fabletics is hyper focused on their members. Their leadership team works tirelessly to ensure that members are not only pleased with their purchases, but are truly delighted. Whether it is in the realm of customer service, returns, shipping or the buying experience itself, Fabletics policy is to not rest until their members are completely satisfied with their purchase. This company culture makes the attitudes of their satisfied members ripe for gaining positive reviews.


When Fabletics was founded, Kate Hudson was the first and only choice to represent the brand. She accepted with a few conditions.First, she did not want to be simply a face like actors you see selling cars or soda. She wanted to be an integral part of Fabletics. She oversaw the launch and direction of the company’s social media strategy. She also implemented a new data system that boosted the availability of items in stock. She still checks sales figures weekly and attends meetings to continue steering the company’s direction.


If you aren’t familiar with Fabletics that must mean two things: first, you may live under a rock, second, you should drop everything you’re doing and take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz is very simple (I actually found it fun). It consists of a few short questions about your style, your favorite type of exercise and your size. From there, an algorithm creates a unique customer profile just for you. All of the Fabletics gear you see will now be tailored to your specific taste! Pretty cool, huh?