Securus Brings Modern Technology to Inmates

Securus Technologies has just announced a new service to complement its impressive inmate communications suite. Securus’ ConnectUs inmate communications program is already popular, and the company is now offering automated inmate forms to go along with the other services.

Correctional budgets make technological advances in jails slow and onerous. Securus, however, is working to make these advances not just feasible but beneficial. The technology and communications company anticipates that facilities will save as much as 65 percent of their time working with paper forms by switching to the new automated forms.

Prison staffs and inmates use forms for a wide variety of requests and grievances. With their new service, Securus has created customizable templates for jails to use online, saving both time and money. Staff will no longer have to print forms and make them available to inmates. Instead, inmates can go online to complete and submit a form with no printing at all. Staff can then view and process the form. Since all the work is done online, inmates can easily check the status of their requests at any time.

As more and more companies make the smart, environmentally-friendly move to digital resources, jails have lagged behind. Securus continues to innovate and provide ways for correctional facilities to use technology to simplify their work and maximize resources.