Police Chief George Gascon Accused of Demeaning Minorities

As a police chief, George Gascon; the crusading District Attorney of San Francisco was really close with the police union that he now criticizes as being an obstructionist. Gascon was largely never concerned about the diversity in the police department and he even made some racially disparaging statements during a night out with the union leaders.

Those are just some of the allegations in a declaration that was tabled by Gary Delagnes, who is the former chief of the association of police officers. Delagnes submitted the sworn declaration to a blue-ribbon task force that had been setup by George Gascon to investigate allegations of homophobia and racism within the department.

Delagnes submitted the declaration eight days after Gascon appeared before the panel. Delagnes spent over two decades in the force and was also the POA president for a period of almost a decade before he retired back in 2013. Delagnes was well known for his verbal punches, and through his declaration he saves haymaker.

He narrates a dinner in 2010 with Gascon, Martin Halloran, who is the current POA President, and another representative of the union in Cambridge, Mass. The group had attended a leadership forum for the police union that had been organized by the Harvard Law School. Delagnes said that as they were having dinner, Chief Gascon began reminiscing on his time at the LA Police Department and started making various statements that vilified the minorities. Delagnes added that Gascon started to become loud and vigorous that a patron of African descent approached him and requested him to be calm as his remarks were offending his family.

During an interview, Halloran supported Delagnes account. However, Delagnes does not provide specifics and so does Halloran. Halloran said that the declaration does speak for itself. Delagnes told the interviewers that he will testify in deep details about the details when called as a witness by the blue-ribbon panel setup by Gascon.

The spokesman of the office of the district attorney did not respond directly to Delagnes’s charge or other allegations in the document when he was provided with a copy of the declaration. Bastian only said that what Delagnes lacks in integrity, he compensates for it in imagination.

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