Venezuelan Agricultural Entrepreneur José Manuel González Wants Political Reform

Venezuela is at a breaking point. The socialist government under the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro is turning the country into a modern day disaster area. The Maduro government wants no help from the outside. Maduro claims to be solving the extreme food, water, and electric shortages in the socialist country, but Venezuela is being ransacked by looters that used to be ordinary citizens. Men like José Manuel González, the current Deputy to the National Assembly in the state of Guárico is reaching out and telling Maduro and his government that what they are doing isn’t working.

González, the former President of Fedecamaras, and an agricultural entrepreneur believes the only way to solve the issues that are destroying the country is through a national agreement. That agreement should make the socialist government responsible for its actions, and the people and Parliament must be on the same page.

Trying to get Maduro, the former truck driver turned Chávez politician, to listen to reason is fruitless, according to González. The only solution is to get Maduro out of office. González thinks that politics is too important to be run by politicians that have their own agenda. That agenda usually includes padding their pockets with government funds, which seems to be the case in Venezuela right now.

In a recent press release, Mr. González said Venezuela is tired of the phony improvisation and ridiculous measures that don’t produce a comprehensive plan that eliminates the root of the country’s problems. González went on to say that Maduro’s government must respect the rights of its citizens and should stop the warlord mentality that is destroying the social system in the country. The Chávez type political agenda is turning Venezuela into a shadow country even though it has the largest oil reserves in the world. José Manuel González wants the political system to work, and right now Maduro is playing by his own set of rules. In the meantime, exports are almost non-existent, and the people are starving.

Venezuela’s situation is being examined by people in The United States, and they agree with Mr. González. Venezuela is too rich for its people to be poor.

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Charles Koch: The Letter That Means Everything

We all learn a lot from our parents, as we are growing up, and we use this knowledge to better ourselves, grow, and become better people. They teach us the lessons we need to make it through as an adult when we are out on our way. It is important that we never forget these lessons or stray from them. Sometimes we need a reminder of them. After all, our parents have been around for a lot longer than us and have experienced life, both the highs and the lows. They have a lot of wisdom to pass onto us, if we are willing to listen and take it all in and not just pass it off as mom and dad preaching.

Charles Koch and David Koch have many riches in their lives, having built a multi-billion dollar empire along with running the largest privately held company in America and they do this while keeping a low profile. They aren’t looking for the limelight or tons of attention. They are happy doing their own thing and pursuing what makes them happy in life. That is what makes Charles so unique and such a one-of-a-kind person. However, he recently let us in a little bit during a recent interview. We got to find out what makes the man tick and what inspires him in his life.

One of the most touching things I learned was that he uses a framed letter from his father to help him manage the family money. It is his guiding light and helps him whenever he has a moment of doubt or uncertainty, which isn’t often. However, he knows his father is always there, looking out for him and helping him when he needs it. He can use it to remember what it was all about and how his company got to where it was in the first place.

It was a heartfelt, honest, and rare glimpse into Koch, one that I greatly appreciated. It is an interview that you should seek out. He’s successful for a reason. His father laid the ground work and him and his brother are carrying on the family name proudly. It will carry on for years and years thanks to his contributions and his keen eye on what is ahead and how to prepare for it. Nothing catches him off guard or throws him for a loop. It’s all because of that wonderful letter.

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