District Attorney George Gason is fired upon by former POA leader

The District Attorney for San Francisco has made it his priority to bring to light some of the questionable acts of the San Francisco Police Department. Though George Gascon was the former police chief for the SFPD, he now claims that he is “much more worried today” about the image of the department. However, some of his former colleagues do not believe that Gascon’s intentions are genuine.

Gary Delagnes, a 25 year veteran of the force and also once president of the Police Officer’s Association has this to say in regards to Gascon; “His testimony and public comments now are at odds with how he conducted himself when he served as chief.” Delagnes is one of two officers that can recall an evening in 2010 where Gascon himself was drinking heavily and began recalling his time with the Los Angeles Police Department. He went on to make several disparaging remarks about minorities. He became so animated and loud that a patron asked Chief Gascon to cease his actions as it was offending his family.

Delagnes went on to say that over the course of Chief Gascon’s tenure, from 2009 to 2011 they had many phone conversations, meetings and even personal gatherings where department business was discussed. Delagnes claims that all meetings were very forthright and to the point and in those meeting not once did Chief Gascon speak of any concerns he had in reference to the way the department was ran, including its lack of diversity. Finally, he also claims that no action was taken by Chief Gascon in order to change anything within the department.

Currently, George Gascon has not commented on his former colleagues accusations. The accusations came after Gascon assembled a blue-ribbon panel and his announcement of the filing of a felony and misdemeanor charges against three former and one current deputy for SFPD.
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