Oxford Club’s Investment Strategies 101

At the Oxford Club Private Wealth Seminar last week held at the Four Seasons Resort located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, someone attending asked how much money they should have in stocks when they reach retirement age. This answer will all depend on your age, health, monthly expenditures, and how big your portfolio is.

Three Decades of Retirement

There is a valuable, real-world solution that should benefit you called retirement rebalancing. Today, Americans are living longer than ever before. If you retire in reasonably good health at the age of 65, you might be looking at three decades of retirement.

Equity Gains

In a 20 to 30 year period, you will need a large amount of equity to generate long-term returns that are able to exceed the inflation rate. Inflation isn’t very drastic today, but that might change in the future.

How To Invest

Those who retire face the possibility of having too much of their money in stocks. When you’re still young and adding to your portfolio, a bear market offers a wonderful buying opportunity.

Independent Financial Organization

The Oxford Club has members in over 100 different countries and clubhouses around the world. This independent financial organization was founded in 1989 providing investment research that is top rated. The editorial team is led by a New York Times bestselling author and Wall Street veteran, Alexander Green.

Investment Strategies

The Oxford Club has a tradition of giving members unique opportunities for returns. They also provide strategies to help achieve and preserve some long-lasting wealth. The companies analysts follow different investment strategies with different levels of risk. Club members get more opportunities to share information through world financial tours, regional seminars, and online exchanges.


The Oxford Club’s publications include free educational advisories to premium research services. Their newsletter is consistently ranked one of the best performing portfolios of the country. They also publish premium investment reports, educational courses on building wealth, and webinars.

The Oxford Club has a positive influence on the investment-makers lives. By helping to train investors to make the right decisions, the wealth will continue to grow.

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