Oncotarget revolutionizing med-care

Do you have questions about cancer that you would wish to have closure on? Are you interested in knowing how tumors develop, how they can diagnose, treated and prevented? Well, Oncotarget is the place to be. The weekly published journal highlights and offers publication on researchers that are conducted on oncology and the cancer menace in society.

The journal which started in 2010, also provides closure on topics such as microbiology, aging, immunology, and pathology. Under the guidance of her editor-in-chief, Mikhail Blagosklonnny, has made significant advancements from the time it started. The journal is now in her eighth volume; she has also published close to three hundred issues to date.

The founders of this journal had the medical practitioners, especially those dealing with cancer and tumor patients, at heart, they wanted to create a page or a platform where they would quickly get access to medical research that highlighted or gave them guidance on how to deal with their patients.

The journal, for example, details on how cancer found its genesis. The journal goes on to feature essays that discuss in particular, how cancer patients are treated and managed. This, in turn, helps cancer patients to gain access to quality care. The journal additionally features researchers that highlight on cancer therapy. Medical practitioners gain insight into the right type of treatment to make use of when dealing with cancer patients ailing of different kinds of cancers. How to maximize on each therapy session is also a subject the journal broadens on.

The tumor issue is discussed at length by the journal. How to cater and treat both tumor and cancer patients is discussed. Palliative care as a method of making speedy the recuperation of cancer patients is also shed light on in Oncotarget. Quality is critical on this website. Every essay submitted by authors for consideration has to meet specific qualifications and recommendations.

Content uploaded on their website has to cleave to the regulations as stated by the Committee on Publications Ethics. Author content has to be one that is well researched on. This is how the journal has managed to maintain relevance to date, by making sure that her pieces are of high substance.