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Historically, Kabbalah has been an ancient branch of mystical Judaism. It was long believed that only men over 40 with a substantial education is Jewish law were allowed to study Kabbalah because it was so often misunderstood or misinterpreted. The specific translation of the word Kabbalah means how to receive fulfilment in our lives.
Zohar is the oldest sacred document in existence. It is said to be the basis of Kabbalistic wisdom and the original manual of instructions for life. It is believed to hold the secrets of the Universe, how to remove chaos from our lives and replace it with love and joy.
In 1922 the Kabbalah Center was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The teachings at the Kabbalah Centre make the Kabbalah accessible to all people, both Jewish, and non-Jewish, men and women alike. The interest in the teaching of the Kabbalah has grown exceptionally since the Center was founded. Centers are now in more than 40 cities around the world.
Today the Kabbalah Centre is a vibrant place offering a wide range of educational opportunities, from classes, on-line classes, charitable volunteer programs, energy tours. The Kabbalah Centre is a not-for-profit organization, however, there are different levels of monthly subscription fees.
For those interested in studying the Kabbalah the Kabbalah Centre is the authoritative source of information at this time. Through the Kabbalah Centre, there is Kabbalah University, offering classes and on-line streaming of lectures. There is also a strong on-line community in which individuals can share insights, thoughts, and information.
Kabbalah Centre website offers information on what is available and how to get started. The entire message is positive, encouraging and optimistic. Giving hope to each of us as individuals and also society as we move forward. Many people who have felt lost, disenfranchised from traditional religions and alone, have found the hope they need through the Kabbalah Centre.

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