IAP Worldwide Services – A Global Leader in Offering Multi-Service Solutions in the Most Challenging Environments

IAP Worldwide Services is recognized as a global leader in offering advanced professional services in various sectors to multinational organizations and U.S. government. The firm operates in 25 countries employing more than 2000 highly-skilled professionals and hundreds of independent contractors. Deploying a global-scale logistical plan, IAP offers world-class facilities to solve some of the most challenging operational tasks. In fact, services offered by IAP includes a complete solution that constitutes every major operational management task including human resource, hardware, infrastructure and project delivery solutions.

Operational Capabilities

For more than 60 years, the company has been delivering solutions to U.S. military, private firms and various other government departments. As such, IAP is only one of the few companies that can offer full-scale management solution in the wake of an emergency, conflict or natural disaster. At a moment’s notice, the company can coordinate, plan and deploy critical response units in both off-shore and on-shore environments. IAP Worldwide Services has the ability to meet such stringent demands because it owns some of the most advanced military and civilian infrastructure in multiple countries around the world. In addition, it has the ability to set up and provide temporary infrastructure in the most remote areas. Irrespective of the geography, IAP Worldwide Services has first-hand experience in offering services to military operations such as the Desert Storm. Besides, the firm is also well-known for operating scientific research laboratories in Arctic regions.

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Operational Divisions

Overall, the operational capabilities are divided into five distinct fields that includes government services, expeditionary infrastructure services, power solutions, aviation engineering solutions and IT communications. Regarding government services, IAP is instrumental in supporting military objectives of U.S. military and its allies by offering global-scale support and technology to troops and private contractors around the world. Similarly, expeditionary services includes assistance to private organizations in setting up infrastructure or field-camps in remote areas that may also include relief efforts in inaccessible areas. Interestingly, the company is also popular for its temporary and permanent power plants setups constituting numerous hybrid power infrastructure.

Through partnership with customers and equipment manufacturers, IAP has provided relief to communities by building power plants for both long-term and short-term power shortage solutions. The innovative aviation and engineering solutions includes services such as aircraft upgrade programs, repairing, testing and enhancement of automatic test equipment. In the IT and communication sectors, IAP has also deployed numerous high-profile projects in hostile environments aiding U.S. military and its allies.

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