Beauty Blogger Reaches for Bottle of WEN’s No-Lather Shampoo for Healthy Hair

When your hair is healthy, it has movement, shine, manageability and is the envy of many. However, lots of us have dull, damaged and even fried locks and can’t get a break. We buy numerous hair products, some with frothy lathers but don’t realize these chemical-laden formulas are actually ruining our hair. That’s why Wen hair by Chaz was created, to put the purity and gentleness back into hair care.
Famous LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the no lather shampoo brand a number of years ago, and his genius invention revolutionized the way we cleanse our tresses. His special cleansing conditioners use plant-based ingredients and zero chemicals for a life-changing shampoo experience. WEN by Chaz was designed to work on any type of hair, which is so refreshing to know. If you desire Hollywood hair, then this eBay available product is for you. blogger Emily McClure was hoping for A-list tresses and decided on a 7-day WEN hair challenge. She kept a hair log and posted hair selfies for her readers. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for its rich formula for damaged hair.

Emily enjoyed using this unique cleansing conditioner, and her beautiful hair selfies are all the proof one needs to see that this Guthy-Renker produced brand is a miracle in a bottle.

Here are her simple tips for getting the best out of WEN:

1. If you’re really lazy about your hair, then don’t pick up a bottle of WEN, because the system works superbly when you put in effort with a blow-dry and favorite styling tools.

2. Wash every day in the morning for the best volume that lasts all day. When Emily used it at night, she didn’t think the results were as exceptional.

3. Follow bottle directions and use ample WEN to create big, clean hair.

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