IDLife’s Members to Enjoy Improved Customized Nutrition

There are over 7.5 billion people in the world, and no two individuals are the same with regards to nutrition needs. Individually Designed Life (sometimes shortened to IDLife) was created to meet nutrition needs of each person as unique as they are. Many companies offer dietary supplements, but none of them is as focused as IDLIFE in providing customized nutrition. The company provides a range of products; for example, there are product lines designed for weight management, skin care, workout, and energy among other product lines.

IDLife is a membership-based online platform. On a visit to their website,, one is encouraged to take a free assessment. Members and non-members referred by members are eligible for the free evaluation. The assessment seeks to find out personal, dietary, lifestyle, physical, medical, and medication information of an individual. IDLife’s nutrition experts analyze the information and a recommendation of suitable IDLife products follow.

All consumable IDLife’s products are made with utmost concern for safety and viability. The company’s products are often sampled and tested by FDA approved laboratories for variables such as potency, purity, solubility, or maximum nutritional absorbability. Also, all edible IDLife products are gluten-free, GMO-free, soy free, and casein free. People who wish to be members of IDLife and partake in their products can rest assured that IDLife offers only superior products.

Recently, IDLife announced its collaboration with Garmin. IDLife will avail Garmin’s Vivo device in their website. IDLife members are required to use Vivo with IDWellness app. The Vivo device tracks a member’s physical activity, and the obtained metrics are send to the IDWellness app. Although members have to enter their meals manually to the IDWellness app, the tracker and the app are synchronized in a way that is beneficial for members and their customized nutrition needs.

IDLife was founded in 2004 by Logan Stout. The Texas’ based company has received endorsements from renowned individuals such as Jen Wilderstrom and Troy Aikman. The two share Stout’s vision that healthy people are capable of reaching the apex of their potential. Stout is a respected motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist.

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Why Eric Pulier is a Pacesetter in Entrepreneurship, Venture Funding, and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is regarded as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the United States. Eric Pulier is also a widely published author, newspaper pundit, philanthropist, and public speaker. His entrepreneurship career stands out since he has helped in the formation of more than 15 upstarts. These include Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Service Mesh, and Akana. He has also been involved in seeking investment funding on behalf of these firms.

Eric’s Philanthropy

Mr. Pulier has made a name for himself due to his passion towards humanitarian causes. Being a technologist, his focus has been the use of technological applications to solve problems that plague underprivileged societies around the world. Early in his career, he created a multimedia educational program that was used to teach the public about Multiple Sclerosis. His efforts to enhance healthcare access in Africa through the use of technology saw him honored by the US Doctors for Africa. Pulier has also had the opportunity to serve on the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also a founding donor of ACE Foundation.

Published Works

Eric has also established himself as an insightful publisher. His most renowned work is Understanding Enterprise SOA. This publication aims at giving business people and technologists invaluable insights about the use of technology to streamline business operations. Pulier has also published The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which defines models that companies can use to transform, survive, and grow during economic meltdowns. These models have been successfully implemented by large corporations across the globe, something that has boosted Eric’s profile all the more.

Government Position

Mr. Pulier was selected to spearhead the “Bridge to the 21st Century” campaign. This event was used to mark the second inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. It was held at The Mall in Washington and lasted several days. The role of the event was to showcase the importance of technology in solving challenges facing the human society. Owing to the success of the event, Eric was appointed to the telecommunications management and technology board of the USC Marshall School. He served in this position for four years, and helped formulate strategies that built diverse community networks.

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Christopher Burch’s Life Impacts His Business

Christopher Burch is someone who invested a lot of time pondering on the art of making money. He developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit very young in life. In discussing his early years, Burch noted that he worked in construction with his dad. Doing so gave him an insight into how businesses are run and how people make money.

According to Forbes, Burch would take the knowledge he picked up from working construction and apply it to other pursuits. In college, he was able to make some money performing all sorts of different jobs. The amount of money he earned was not really relevant. What mattered here was Burch gained a lot of knowledge about how to make money and save it. Such insights eventually found their way into his philosophy with running Burch Creative Capital.

Burch Creative Capital, the company Christopher Burch founded, focuses on venture capital and private equity investments. There are certain specific industries in which the firm directs money. The volume of industries is quite diverse, but limited enough to remain within the expertise of those overseeing the investments.

In discussing his personal biography, Burch notes he prefers to maintain a more personal approach to those involved with his firm. This might seem removed from the normal approach performed by venture capital firm management. Burch’s way of dealing with clients is different to be sure. Those working with him and his firm are sure to appreciate the more personal approach.

Christopher Burch ( notes his goal and his company’s goal is to help customers. Those working with Burch Creative Capital are sure to appreciate all help and assistance with meeting their financial goals.

Christopher Burch’s personal life story is interesting and upbeat. The positive aspects of his life are visible in how his company operates, which aids is setting it apart.