A ‘non-Silicon Valley’ Startup Finally Embraced By Parents and Teachers.

ClassDojo has raised $21 million to fund an educational project that connects parents, students and their teachers to communicate consistently about social and behavioral development at school. When communication is enhanced throughout the school day and at home, parents can understand more about what kids are experiencing and their behavior at school all the time.

Teachers can use ClassDojo to make a schedule of activities known to parents on a daily basis. The app can also be used to snap and send photos, and videos to the parents showing how their kids are participating at school. When the company was founded in 2011, the founders had a lot of business ideas they had to evaluate such as grade books and testing platforms, but the one that stood out was the easy-to-use communication tool which could create a culture and community among parents, teachers, and students.


ClassDojo is focused on distributing the app to more schools and parents. ClassDojo believes teachers spend 40% of their time managing student’s behavior rather than helping them to learn. The classroom management tool is expected to make a significant change through basic game mechanics, rewards, and punishment principles to aid teachers and parents in shaping students behaviors. The app is built to allow teachers to reward points for good behavior and subtract points for bad behavior. Students can view their points in real time.


The teaching community has embraced the classroom communication tool, which is the reason it has recorded extraordinary growth. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store, and it functions as a social media community. The teachers are required to upload photos and videos of students to allow the parents to see schoolwork. Currently, the app has already been downloaded by millions of users worldwide, but Class Dojo declined to give out a specific number of downloads.


Classroom communication tool may sound simple, but it has already transformed the teaching experience. In America alone, the app is being used across private, public, and charter schools across the United States and still being used by 180 countries globally. Recently, ClassDojo partnered with Standford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to develop a five-part series of animated videos to bring research in the classroom.


The concept of growth mindset was popularized in recent years by Stanford’s Carol Dweck with her colleagues. The concept holds that students’ intelligence and abilities can be developed over time when the students are guided in the right way.


Why Investors Are Turning To ClassDojo

ClassDojo continues to win the hearts of investors if the $21 million raised in venture funding is anything to go by. This was during a Series B round of venture funding that was led by General Catalyst. New investors who took part in the funding include Reach Capital, GSV, and SignalFire. They all showed their tremendous support for the San Francisco-based startup that continues to portray enormous potential for growth. ClassDojo, initially used by teachers to reward good behavior, is now a communication platform used to offer a unique connection between teachers, parents, and students. The platform makes use of an app that teachers can use to share memorable photos and videos with parents. The app also allows instant messaging between the teachers and parents in case any important information or announcements need to be passed. ClassDojo co-founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, are enthusiastic about getting to work to grow their team and develop new content and features that will allow the app to do more in serving the users. According to Chaudhary, the app aims at guiding conversations back at home while at the same time offering support to the kids while in school to enhance the learning experience. ClassDojo is striving hard to create a positive culture within the classroom. Teachers make use of ClassDojo to make the planned schedule of activities known to parents on a daily basis. They can also use the app throughout the day to snap and send both photos and videos to showcase the work and activities that the students are undertaking. The founders of the company acknowledge that there were other players in the education tech business when they set out to start their firm. However, they noted that none of the companies offered a free app that was easy to use and that would create a culture as well as a community amongst those involved (teachers, parents, and students). The other companies offered products such as digital curriculums, testing platforms, and grade books. ClassDojo has not yet started making revenue. However, the company did make it clear that the avenues to be used in making revenue would not involve selling any user data. One of the methods mentioned was premium features for which users can pay for. This comes as a huge relief, especially because the data involved relates to children.


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