Kyle Bass in a Downward Spiral

Kyle Bass and his Hayman Capital Management hedge fund recently sold off most of their stocks, bonds and other positions, and placed most of their money on a strategy based on a falling Chinese economy. He believes that the Chinese economic troubles are much worse than most economists are projecting. If he is correct, the Chinese banking system is due for a major decline. Already bonds are defaulting and he believes this will get worse, causing the yuan and the Hong Kong Dollar to decline against the US dollar. He is investing in US Dollar denominated securities believing that the US dollar will rally substantially when the Chinese economy declines further.

Kyle Bass’s claim to fame was the calling correctly the 2008 financial crisis. He benefited from investing correctly. Since his short term success in the markets, he has been having a hard time. He has made call after call that was dead wrong. He takes any opportunity to do on national television to taut his theories, but so far he has been on the wrong side of the markets. Last year when Argentina’s economy fell apart under the rule of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Bass was singing her praises. Argentina defaulted on their debt, sending the country into an impoverished state.

Bass’s shady ties to Kirchner are no surprise to most, who see him as one of her lackeys. It is claimed that he has a good relationship with her. Kirchner has been accused of ripping off her own people but Bass is a strong supporter. Seems that he has not only gone wrong with his investment decisions, but also in his choice of allies. Bass seems to be in a downward spiral after starting out so well.

Danilo Diaz Granados: The Investor And Entrepreneur

Danilo Diaz Granados developed an interest in business at a young age. His hard work and determination have paid off because today he is a successful businessman and investor. Danillo is the founder and CEO of Toys For Boys Miami. This is a company that sells luxury goods and jewelry. Vintage cars, high-end watches, fine art and exotic cars are some of the products that this company sells. The company was first established in 2013.

Toys For Boys Miami has received great reviews from numerous satisfied customers. It is one of the most popular luxury boutiques in Miami. There is also a Toys For Boys Magazine.

Before Danilo started Toys For Boys Miami, he was the manager of Movilway. This is an electronic and mobile payments company. Danilo is also an associate at Fireman Capital Partners. He started working for the firm in 2015. Fireman Capital Partners is an equity investment firm.

Danilo has also worked as an account advisor for Private Equity Investing, which is a company that is located in Miami. He analyzed how demographic, social and innovative qualities affect investment opportunities. He also analyzed the global investment to return relationships in fine arts, energy efficiency and merchandising industries.

Danilo is the co-founder and producer of another successful business, which is Edge Of Glory Films. This film company is located in Miami. It was established in 2012. He is involved in the editing, promotion and distribution of the content. The goal of Edge Of Glory Films is to bring new media that focuses on Hispanic interests to America.

Danilo is a graduate of Babson College. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics and entrepreneurship. Danilo is married to Fefi Salvatierra, who is the daughter of a successful businessman. When the couple is not working, they are spending time in New York, Panama and Miami.

Jim Hunt, Master Trader And Teacher

You may be one of the many people who are trying to find luck in trading forex or stocks to make money. Most would-be traders don’t make it. On the other hand, it is very amazing how few traders become consistently successful. Surely, you are wondering what tricks and strategies those successful traders apply.

Learning the Secrets

You may have heard of Jim Hunt’s company VTA Publications offering courses and seminars about how one can become successful in trading different types of investments using several unique strategies. One of their resource instructors is Jim Hunt.

Who is Jim Hunt?

Jim Hunt is a trading guru who is not only an excellent investment tutor or instructor but also a veteran and expert trader of many different types of investments such as but not limited to forex, stocks, commodities, options, index, and more. He has recorded some of his successful trades and market positions to show how his strategies work effectively.

As an investment mentor and instructor, Jim Hunt can teach you a broad range of trading techniques. His courses and seminars may include:

Ø Trading for Beginners

Ø Technical Analysis

Ø Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Ø Leverage Trading

Ø Risk Management

Ø Market Direction

Ø Market Timing

Ø And more…

What is VTA Publications?

VTA Publications is a provider of remote learning courses such as online tutorials, eBook materials, digital learning resources, and webinars. It is also an event organizer of seminars and workshops. VTA Publications outsource only the best and the brightest instructors in their respective areas of specialization on which they base the courses they offer. Jim Hunt is one these best outsourced instructors.


Trading is not an easy career to begin with because of the risk involved in it. Nevertheless, the door to successful trading is never closed for anyone who wants to follow Jim Hunt’s footsteps. An open mind is the key to open the hidden areas of opportunities.  Check out their latest articles, to see what they really have to offer.

Sam Tabar Is The New Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy

PRNewswire reports that FullCycle Energy Fund has a new Chief Operating Officer and his name is Sam Tabar. Tabar has previous experience overseeing budget strategy for financial institutions and has also worked as an attorney in New York.

LinkedIn tells us Tabar previously held the position of co-head of marketing for Sparx Group, the largest independent fund in Asia-Pacific, where he managed their global marketing effort. Following his role at Sparx, Tabar worked as head of capital strategy for Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) providing services that specifically targeted institutional investors, such as: foundations, endowments, pensions and family offices.

Prior to working in the financial institution, Tabar was practicing law. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University and went on to get his Masters of Law from Columbia Law School, where he also worked as editor of the Columbia Business Law journal. Tabar is still a member of the New York State Bar and has worked for such firms as Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

Following his graduation from Columbia Law School, Tabar began working for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate. His duties included counseling clients on financial issues. He left Skadden in 2004 to join SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. Not long after joining Sparx, he was named the managing director & co-head of business development which gave him the experience he needed to later become the director and head of capital strategy for the Asia-Pacific region at Merrill Lynch. He then left Merrill Lynch to once again practice law, this time with the firm Schulte, Roth & Zabel, where he remained until August 2014.

CrunchBase also tells us Tabar has recently been appointed the chief operating officer for FullCycle Energy Fund, whose mission, according to a press release, is to “invest in new and retrofit traditional electric generation plants from high cost, polluting fuels to lower cost and environmentally friendly fuels dribbled from Municipal Solid Waste.”  There’s more about Sam on, where you can find his links and a full bio.