Routine is the Key For Your Best Hair

As you look through the pages of your favorite magazine you see picture after picture of people with beautiful hair. What is their secret and where can you get it? The reality is much simpler and easier to do than you may think. It all comes down to routine.

Beautiful, healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight. The health of your hair comes down to your overall routine. Consistency is very important! From the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use, to the different treatment and styling products available, using them the way they were formulated will make a big difference. While it may be tempting to jump from one product line to another, you are much more likely to get the results you want if you find a product line you like and stick to it. The fact is, different companies formulate their products in such a way that they work the best together.

When it comes to styling products, any time you can use a product that nourishes your hair as well is a huge plus. For instance, a product like WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Nourishing Mousse not only provides body, volume and shine, it contains natural botanical extracts that nourish your scalp and amino acids to strengthen your hair. As it’s working to give you great hold, it is actively helping your hair and scalp to be healthier. Taking advantage of a nourishing styling product is getting the best of both worlds. A perfect style you love, and healthier, happier hair at the end of the day. Get these products exclusively on Sephora or thru eBay and Guthy-Renker online.

Think about what you do to your hair every day, and start looking for things you could do for it instead and you will be well on your way to the healthiest hair you can have! Check out the WEN hair Facebook page and Twitter account ( for more information.

How To Avoid Losing Your Lip Balm Before You Finish It

Nothing is more annoying than buying a lip balm that is perfect to use and protects your lips but loses its way and you lose it. Oftentimes, you’ll have your Chapstick with you everywhere you go, but a single moment can cause you to drop the item or misplace it. You’d think with the very small size most chap sticks and lip balms come with that they are easier to bring around, but that’s not exactly the case. You’re tired of losing your lip balm, and so these tips can help you avoid this problem.
How To Avoid Losing Your Lip Balm Before You Even Finish It

The first thing to remember is to place your lip balm in a place that is easily accessible. For example, make sure that you are always alert with where you out the lip balm. Since it is small, it should fit about anywhere that you bring it. They are usually easy to lose because of their small size, so take that disadvantage and make it easier on you by placing it wherever you need to. Some people put them in their shoes or they have a small pocket in their jeans usually to keep a dollar. These are great for small lip balms.

Be creative with your Chapstick and where you place it. You can always place it on key chains, bags, wallets, and even add it to your keys. One of the best brands is definitely the Evolution Of Smooth or EOS. Their lip balm products ( are some of the best because of the easy cleaning ingredients they have that do not hurt or damage the skin in any way or form. They are easy to use and smooth on the lips.

Getting these lip balms for your lips can be perfect for improving the texture of your lips making them chap-free and smooth every single day. Order and get your EOS lip balms on or today!

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Why Using Lip Balm Is Good For Your Lips

Why You Should Use Lip Balm
There are several reasons to use lip balm. Do you live in a hot, arid climate? Your lips will most likely be dried out from the sun and air. Lip balm will restore moisture to your lips. Why is it important to moisturize your lips? Dry lips can crack and and actually be painful. They can also be unsightly. So put on some lip balm and keep your lips protected and supple from the sun and dry air.

If you live in a cold and windy climate, your lips need protection as well. The cold and wind can severely dry out your lips. Putting on some lip balm will protect against these elements. Cold and windy weather can also make it more likely that cold sores will resurface. Slapping on some lip balm will greatly reduce the chance that a cold sore will resurface. So its worth it to put on the balm when it is cold and windy. Your lips will thank you for it.

What’s A Good Lip Balm Brand?

Evolution Of Smooth is a trusted and established brand that offers many different flavors of lip balm from your to choose. Here is just a small sample of what flavors w you will find from EOS lip balm. Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honey and Strawberry Sorbet are some of the pleasant and fruity flavored balms you will find for sale from this brand. If you are suffering from a cold sore breakout, there is a medicated tangerine balm to help you overcome a cold sore.

The balms sold by Evolution Of Smooth come in small sphere shaped packaging which makes application easier. They are pocket sized and easy to take along with you for travel. Shea butter is added to the balms for moisturizing properties. EOS products are available on your local Walmart stores and online through the Amazon website.

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