Brad Reifler Offers A Good Strategy For Investing

No one wants to lose money intended for long term savings. Yet, people make troubling decisions that lead to losses. Putting money into high-risk endeavors definitely increases the chances of losing out, but even moderately risky investment vehicles come with the potential to lose funds. Brad Reifler learned this the hard way when money put into an incredibly important investment fund intended for his daughters’ college tuition. The fund decreased in value. Reifler did allow this disaster to guide his attitude towards better investing. In an interesting Reuters article, Reifler provides five excellent tips to those wondering about safe ways to invest.

Reifler absolutely knows a lot about investing. He is involved with finances and investments for a living. Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors and, in addition to helping his clients, Reifler works hard at various philanthropic endeavors, all listed on A new partnership with Easter Seals is one example of his commitment to assisting others. In a way, the Reuters article shows how Reifler seeks to be so helpful.

The advice Reifler provides is nothing over the top or mysterious. He suggests diversifying one’s assets and to avoid attempts at putting funds into very risky endeavors. He advises investors to think about their goals and always check into the background of any professional seeking to invest funds on behalf of clients. In general, his advice seeks to keep people on a more conservative, long-term investing path. This way, money grows steadily over time without much of a risk of losses.

Reifler points out the 99% of investors who are not wealthy have to be careful how they put their money to work. Being careful with one’s money is always a good strategy.