WIT’s eLibrary of Scientific Publications and Journals¬†

The Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary is an amazing website (www.witpress.com/elibrary) which allows users the ability to access the latest scientific information available. Users will have access to the most recent articles and publications available. WIT provides online access to thousands of papers and publications with no cost. This website is an excellent resource for high school, college students or anyone writing a presentation and needing background information.

The information is divided into seven main topics which are; Engineering Sciences, The Built Environment, Information and Communication Technologies, Ecology and Environment, Modelling and Simulations, Biomedicine and Health and the State of the Art in Science and Engineering. These topics are then broken down in a side bar which allows a more specific search for information.

There is also an advanced search available so that the user may look for information by author/editor, keyword, description or ISBN. Information may be narrowed to a specific time period and from books or papers. The contents are downloadable in PDF form which will allow the user view or print the publications.