Talk Fusion And The Video Marketing Advantage

More people are getting involved in starting their own business. This means that more people are faced with coming up with a solution to the marketing issue. One thing that seems to be the case is that a lot of regulations get put in place that make marketing a bit harder. For one thing, it is important to know how to market without being intrusive. On top of that, it is very hard to come up with the right campaign because a lot of people do not have their own equipment to put together a video that could help them market their products.


This is where Talk Fusion comes in. This app has a lot of features that make it easier for people to put together a professional looking video and send it to people that they are marketing to. For one thing, people are not going to buy a product they can’t see. They have to take the time to make sure that they know as much about the product as they can before they buy it. It is very rare that someone is going to make a blind purchase. For one things, they know the effects of buying something that is useless to them.


This is another thing that Talk Fusion addresses. People are not going to pay for a product that they don’t know is going to work for them. Therefore, Talk Fusion has a 30 day free trial period which allows the user to try out the product for themselves. They get to see just how well the product will work for them so that they will be able to decide whether or not it is something that they want to use. So far, Talk Fusion has been a satisfactory products for many people for many different reasons.

OSI Group’s Standing Legacy

OSI Group is a long-standing American business that has built its reputation over many decades. The company was founded in the early nineteen hundreds by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. Otto began with a simple concept and slowly formed his small business into a thriving enterprise.

OSI specializes in meat processing. The company has a diverse client base that includes restaurants, supermarkets and various other food suppliers. Their innovative methods have kept the company at the forefront of its industry. OSI is the standard by which other businesses are measured and has a reach that is worldwide.

Otto Kolschowski began with a family meat market in 1909. The business opened its doors in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto quickly realized the opportunities that were in front of him. He expanded the business from a simple meat market to a wholesale trade operation. The company would become known as Otto and Sons in 1928. The organization relocated to Maywood, Illinois and began to take the shape of the empire that it is today.

A new startup company called McDonald’s was making a name for itself across the country. The McDonald’s franchise quickly spread from its roots in Southern California and had opened a store in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. Ray Kroc was the CEO and mastermind behind the McDonald’s phenomenon. He chose Otto and Sons to be McDonald’s meat supplier in the area. It would be the beginning of a business arrangement that lasted through the turn of the century. The relationship between Ray Krock and Otto and Sons had a significant impact on the food industry as a whole.

Their business practices would have worldwide influence. Otto and Sons were on the cutting edge of cryogenic food processing. Cryogenics allowed the meat processors to store significant amounts of product and maintain its freshness at the same time. This innovation relieved McDonald’s of relying on local meat suppliers to provide them with fresh beef. The patty cutting machine was yet another addition to the Otto and Sons manufacturing process. Nitrogen freezing tunnels enhanced the ability to store supplies and respond to large demands. These sophisticated business tactics endeared Otto and Sons to Ray Krock. Eventually they became the primary supplier beef to McDonald’s. The fast food giant continued to grow. Otto and Sons became an international organization along with McDonald’s.

The company changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. They had an exclusive deal with McDonald’s and also branched out into other markets. Major supermarkets and other fast-food chains soon began turning to OSI for top notch service.

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In 2011 Forbes reported OSI earned an annual revenue of three billion dollars. The publication listed the company as the 136th largest private organization in America at that time. By 2016 they were number 58 on Forbes list of private companies.

OSI has plants operating throughout the United States and Asia. It is the meat supplier of fast food chains in China that include Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

The Basics of Brazilian Banking According Igor Cornelsen



Igor Cornelsen is a successful banker in Brazil. He has worked in the banking department in Brazil for many years, and this means that he understands the financial systems in the country. The country has not experienced economic growth in the recent times, but investors from all over the world are interested in doing business in the country. Investors who want to invest in Brazil should learn the following basics:


Brazil has ten banks that control everything

Brazil is considered to one of the largest economies in South America. The country is also one of the most important in the world. Ten powerful banks run the show in the country, and all investors should choose them when making their investment decisions.


Having a new leader will put the economy on track

The economy in Brazil has not been doing well for several years now. According to Igor Cornelsen, the new economic matrix that was invented by Guido Mantega has only brought failures. However, the new finance minister who was recently appointed has all the expertise, and he is already putting things in their old form. Joaquim Levy has brought hope to the people and banks in Brazil. His opinions and policies are different from those of Dilma Roussef, and people like Igor Cornelsen say that he is the right candidate for the position.


China shouldn’t be ignored

One of the largest trading partners for Brazil is China. According to Igor Cornelsen, the two economies are linked to each other, and any changes in the Chinese economy will significantly affect the Brazilian economy. China is also one of the greatest competitors for Brazil, and this means that the Brazilians should keep a close eye on any activity taking place in the country.


Understand the true value of the Brazilian currency

The Real is the form of currency used in Brazil. In the recent past, this currency has been undervalued significantly. This has led to the loss of value to the competitiveness of the industrialized exports in the country. The result has been huge deficits. The central bank in the country is currently selling dollar swaps in the local market to stop the currently from depreciating.

About Igor

Igor Cornelsen is one of the top investors from Brazil, and has been featured on massive websites like CNN.  Make sure that you check out what he’s accomplished on LinkedIn, but you can also follow his journey for yourself through Facebook.