Why Eric Pulier is a Pacesetter in Entrepreneurship, Venture Funding, and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is regarded as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the United States. Eric Pulier is also a widely published author, newspaper pundit, philanthropist, and public speaker. His entrepreneurship career stands out since he has helped in the formation of more than 15 upstarts. These include Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Service Mesh, and Akana. He has also been involved in seeking investment funding on behalf of these firms.

Eric’s Philanthropy

Mr. Pulier has made a name for himself due to his passion towards humanitarian causes. Being a technologist, his focus has been the use of technological applications to solve problems that plague underprivileged societies around the world. Early in his career, he created a multimedia educational program that was used to teach the public about Multiple Sclerosis. His efforts to enhance healthcare access in Africa through the use of technology saw him honored by the US Doctors for Africa. Pulier has also had the opportunity to serve on the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also a founding donor of ACE Foundation.

Published Works

Eric has also established himself as an insightful publisher. His most renowned work is Understanding Enterprise SOA. This publication aims at giving business people and technologists invaluable insights about the use of technology to streamline business operations. Pulier has also published The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which defines models that companies can use to transform, survive, and grow during economic meltdowns. These models have been successfully implemented by large corporations across the globe, something that has boosted Eric’s profile all the more.

Government Position

Mr. Pulier was selected to spearhead the “Bridge to the 21st Century” campaign. This event was used to mark the second inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. It was held at The Mall in Washington and lasted several days. The role of the event was to showcase the importance of technology in solving challenges facing the human society. Owing to the success of the event, Eric was appointed to the telecommunications management and technology board of the USC Marshall School. He served in this position for four years, and helped formulate strategies that built diverse community networks.

For more information please visit http://ericpulier.com

Magnises Is An Idea Whose Time Is Now

When Billy McFarland, CEO of Magnises decided to create a concept that appealed strictly to millennials, he struck a chord that resonated almost instantly. The music of success is the result of an idea that is caught by the consumer and embraced as being the answer to desires for a large group of people.

The concept of offering serious discounts to millennials to shows, clubs, restaurants, bars, events and travel opportunities is the crux of the Black Card, offered by Magnises. Directed specifically to young professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs, the Black Card has become the necessary accessory to everything they do in the way of entertainment.

An annual fee of $250 is required, but there are no initiation fees, limits or restrictions, as millennials use it for all they do for the relaxation and entertainment realm. The way the card works is to transfer information from their regular cards onto the Black Card. Then Magnises Black Card is used for purposes of discounted dining, travel, special concerts and events and any other leisure venue that is a sponsor. A mobile app comes with the membership, making it convenient to instantly locate and utilize.

At the end of 2015, there were over 10,000 members of Magnises. Up to this point, the card is available in New York City and Washington DC. Plans are in the works for expansion to Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and London. The major metro areas are where the target group of working professionals and entrepreneurs live.

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The demographic of these individuals who are from age 21 to 35 who are primarily in the finance, fashion, and tech industries. These are the prime candidates for the card, and they are anxious to join. McFarland says that prospective members on Instagram must fill out an application online and then be approved before joining.

With $3 million of venture capital that was recently acquired, Magnises is on the way to further expansion. The market is certainly there and all it will take is getting to where the market exists in other major metro areas. Since the magic is in the local environment, it is simply a matter of getting competent management to those centers. That is exactly what McFarland intends to do.

Another objective of Magnises is to become the social and professional link for people who work in fields that are totally different from one another. We live in the age of networking and this is how ideas and concepts are shared for the good of all. This sort of viral relationship structure is how business is shared and new business and financial alliances are formed.

Millennials know this and are anxious as a group to be identified and known in these circles. Although this format seems to be informal at first glance, there are rules of engagement to be followed and Magnises creates a platform for it to happen naturally.

The business model works and works well. McFarland is intent upon just keeping the machine well-oiled as the future looks bright indeed. See: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/magnises#/entity

The Brazilian Real Estate And Development Market Is Booming


The Brazilian housing market is alive and thriving. There are many people that are moving to Brazil and there are plenty of top notch real estate companies that are happy to help people find the properties that are right for them. Companies such as Brasilinvest are at the top of the market right now. They help companies and individuals establish themselves by tailoring their services to the client’s needs. Brasilinvest is estimating $1.3 billion in total revenue to date.


Another top company in the Brazilian Real Estate market is Eco House Group. They offer full-scale real estate services for their clients. The have both developed and undeveloped properties. They have an excellent history of service and client satisfaction. Another top performing real estate company in Brazil is Construcap.


Construcap is one of the largest companies that work in the field of real estate and development in Brazil. The company was founded in 1944 and has gone through many evolutions since the creation of the company. They have been able to keep up with the booming market and high demand for structures and real estate in the country.


Construcap can facilitate large builds, as evidenced on Exatop.com.br, and even offers to finance for those types of projects. They have the staff and know-how to create some of the largest projects in the country. They also operates by a code of corporate responsibility and makes strides to be ecologically aware and socially beneficial. The company has created projects all over the country of Brazil and has a company that is expanding and growing to be able to accommodate the high demand for heavy construction and development.  The official Construcap facebook can be found here, or learn more about their humanitarian work on YouTube.

Hair Care Wen by Chaz- Restoring Beauty Once Again

Do you find that your hair is brittle and falling out? If so, do you want to know a secret about how to stop it? If so, you should look into WEN hair by Chaz. This hair care line of products is aimed at eliminating the dryness that many hair products have caused your hair to have. Many of these products are going to increase the amount of chemicals in your hair than what you actually need or want. Your hair is able to be less vulnerable than ever before. You can feel like your hair is once again soft, manageable and even less frizzy than you ever remember it being. If you stand in the shower pulling hair from your hands when washing it, you will start to see a decrease in the amount of hair lost when you start to use Wen by Chaz.

When you start to use the Wen by Chaz routine, you will be able to use your standard beauty products on your hair without worrying so much about the stress you are applying to your hair. The hair is able to spring into action all on its own without the harsh chemicals being added to it in order to make it look bouncy. If you have hair that is naturally frizzy and less manageable, the Anti-Frizz styling crème will help you to have those same results without the added stress to the hair. You will finally be able to eliminate some of the dependency you have on the beauty products used on your hair, such as flat irons and blow dryers.

It won’t take long for your hair to return to it’s own natural beauty without the stress of purchasing multiple items in the eBay online store. With the hair care products, you will start to see a difference in your hair in a short amount of time. Check out the Wen hair Wikipedia page for more details on the product.

WEN hair on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wenhaircare


Choosing the Line of Lime Crime Cosmetics


The fact that there are so many different cosmetic brands on the market at the current moment makes it difficult to know that you are picking something that is truly going to make a difference in your life. One of the most important things for you to consider is a brand known as Lime Crime which is owned by a woman that you can call Doe Deere. Doe Deere has completely taken it upon herself to grow one of the best cosmetic brands and companies in the industry and continually brings new products into the line so that people are able to make use of it for themselves.

One of the most important things that sets Lime Crime apart from any other company on the market is that it uses completely vegan ingredients with a pallet that you will find incredibly beneficial for just about any look you are trying to achieve. One of the most important things that sets Doe Deere apart from other cosmetic owners is that she truly put her passion into her work and once every single product that she puts into the line to be one of the best that is out there. This is a brand of Cosmetics that are definitely worth taking a look into if you are interested in them because of the fact that they truly help you to feel and look your best.

Lime Crime can be found in a variety of high-end Cosmetics stores all across the country or you can simply visit the website online to see what types of products are available at the current moment. More and more individuals are realizing that Lime Crime is one of the best cosmetic brands on the market and this is why it takes a lot of diligence when it comes to finding products that you truly love. You could also visit Doe Deere on social media if you would like to learn more about her and her company that she is trying to grow on a day-to-day basis.

There are a lot of people who are interested in using Lime Crime because of the colors and the different products that happen to be available to them. You can pretty much create any type of look that you would like when it comes to your makeup when using Doe Deere and her brand known as Lime Crime. You will also find that the price for all of these Cosmetics is actually quite reasonable when compared to other high-end makeup brands out there that you can also buy for yourself and use each and every day. Having a great makeup bag that has amazing types of Cosmetics can help but you achieve just about any look you are looking for and this is definitely something that you will find beneficial when trying to achieve something that is difficult with mediocre makeup. Lime Crime can definitely help you to feel and look amazing at all times and this is a product that you will definitely want to take a look into for yourself for your own well-being.

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Christopher Burch’s Life Impacts His Business

Christopher Burch is someone who invested a lot of time pondering on the art of making money. He developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit very young in life. In discussing his early years, Burch noted that he worked in construction with his dad. Doing so gave him an insight into how businesses are run and how people make money.

According to Forbes, Burch would take the knowledge he picked up from working construction and apply it to other pursuits. In college, he was able to make some money performing all sorts of different jobs. The amount of money he earned was not really relevant. What mattered here was Burch gained a lot of knowledge about how to make money and save it. Such insights eventually found their way into his philosophy with running Burch Creative Capital.

Burch Creative Capital, the company Christopher Burch founded, focuses on venture capital and private equity investments. There are certain specific industries in which the firm directs money. The volume of industries is quite diverse, but limited enough to remain within the expertise of those overseeing the investments.

In discussing his personal biography, Burch notes he prefers to maintain a more personal approach to those involved with his firm. This might seem removed from the normal approach performed by venture capital firm management. Burch’s way of dealing with clients is different to be sure. Those working with him and his firm are sure to appreciate the more personal approach.

Christopher Burch (http://creativeburch.com/2016/09/creative-productivity-deliver-best-worlds-job/) notes his goal and his company’s goal is to help customers. Those working with Burch Creative Capital are sure to appreciate all help and assistance with meeting their financial goals.

Christopher Burch’s personal life story is interesting and upbeat. The positive aspects of his life are visible in how his company operates, which aids is setting it apart.

The Investment Ideology of Jim Hunt

Jim hunt is the current CEO at VTA publications, as his CrunchBase page shows. He is a financial advisor by career and has made a name for himself because of his ability to make safe decisions on the stock market regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish. Jim has also incorporated technology in his career as an advisor. He has a YouTube channel where he shares information and advice about investment. His informational videos are popular with the common investor because of his ability to look at complex financial markets, interpret them and give simple to understand instructions on where to invest.

He states that his motivation in starting VTA was the need to let the common man understand how the big markets and banks work. He wants to see more people take charge of their financial destinies as opposed to letting the bank decide for them.

When asked how he achieves balance in his daily routine, Jim Hunt revealed that the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is get some workout done. This is what helps him improve on his creativity. This is followed by a session of sharing tips with his online community. He prefers to have a light lunch to stay focused and spends his evenings with the family.

Jim Hunt says that of all the changes that have been happening, biotech is the trend that excites him the most. He has a feeling that in the coming years, there will be inventions that are beyond what many people can imagine today. He approaches the problems that his customers face by looking at the platform of the customer’s specific needs and formulating the solutions that fit them.

When asked what he would do differently if he was to start over, Jim confides that he has no regrets because everything works out in the end. He states that his discipline is the reason he is successful as an entrepreneur. He also confides that as an entrepreneur, you have to listen to people and study their psychology because the only way you will be making money is if you are solving their problem.

VTA publications

The company was established in 2012, as indicated by CompaniesintheUK, and has been providing customers from all over the world information related products and services. They specialize in the collection and dissemination of financial information and strive to ensure that the system is not taking advantage of any consumers under their watch.  For a free example of how their system works, be sure to check out their YouTube page, where Jim posts the day’s stock market findings often.


The SEC’s Whistleblower Regulations and the Representation that they receive.

There was a significant transformation of the finance industry in 2010 when the Congress passed the Doff-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Security Law. The two legislations were the first that had ever been enacted since the Great Depression. The laws led to the formation of the whistleblower protection program, which offers security to individual who give information to the Security and Exchange Commission. The plan was created under the Dodd-Frank Act, and it provides job security as well as a monetary incentive to the informants.

The enactment of the SEC whistleblower protection program triggered the formation of law companies, which are dedicated to offering services that protect the rights of the SEC whistleblowers. The first such law firm to be established is Labaton Sucharow. It created the pioneer whistleblower representation practice that has a reliable platform for filing litigation. The company has employed various professionals to ensure excellent service to the clients, and they include forensic analysts, private detectives, and financial experts who can effectively implement state and federal laws. The attorneys who serve the company are devoted to offering outstanding legal services to the SEC informants.

Jordan A. Thomas supervises Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower representation practice. He is a highly knowledgeable professional who has dealt with securities laws for a long time. He was the deputy principal litigation officer of the SEC’s enforcement department and its assistant director. During his tenure in office, Jordan was a major participant in the formation of the whistleblower protection program.

The SEC’s laws state that approximately a third of the sanctions that are collected due to the leads of the informant should be offered to him or her as a reward. The whistleblower can also be given money by other government agencies that use the intelligence that is provided to penalize offenders. According to the Dodd-Frank Act, harassment of the informants by employees is prohibited.

The whistleblowers should prioritize hiding their identity when reporting cases. This is done to keep them safe, and it can be through not giving information such as names and addresses when reporting cases and hiring an attorney to be a representative. The SEC safeguards the informants by using the client-attorney privilege to secure information that they offer. Individuals are not required to pay any fees when consulting the SEC. Anyone who needs clarification on the program can contact the Whistleblower Representation Group through email and telephones.

Keith Mann Helping Hiring

The finance field has one of the highest requirements for people that wish to enter and come out successful. Investment firms want their employees to be some of the brightest that they can find and someone that has the personality to be able to handle the stress that comes with the job. There are not many that are capable and willing to go down this path and be able to stick with it. The finance world is littered with people that try to make it big on Wall Street, but end up not having the right requirements to be able to last.


Traits like these are hard to find in people, which is why more and more firms look to hire companies like the one Keith Mann has founded. His company, Dynamics Search Partners, is trying to fix this idea of highering many employees and then only ending up keeping a few after a year. To do this his company helps firms to seek out the kind of employees they are looking for and then matching them with a suitable candidate. His company is able to find the right employees through their efficient version of the hiring process used in the finance world. Since they are only focused on finding the right candidates for the job (and not also on the daily workings of a firm) they are able to give all applicants a close look and weed out the ones that won’t make it in the long-run. By doing this they are able to help firms find the right matches and create a better hiring world for the finance industry.


Keith Mann came up with the idea for Dynamics Search Partners after working in a similar field with Dynamics Executive Search. He soon saw that the company he worked at wasn’t taking advantage of the alternative investment firms and the assistance they wanted with their hiring processes. After realizing this he decided to found Dynamics Search Partners and has had much success with his new venture and helping his clients.