What to Know When Adding Coins to Your Nest Egg or Collections

More people than ever are looking for ways to enhance their nest eggs before retirement. Others just want to have a collection of coins that is top rated in value. No matter what your ambition is regarding coins and bullion there are some things hat you will want to know in order to make the right choices.


Facts About Coins


Coins are a great way to add stability to a nest egg or just to get involved in a new hobby. But there are some things know before getting started:


Fast Facts Regarding Bullion

  • The fewer number of coins produced means the value of the coin will only increase with time.
  • The better a coin looks means the more it will be worth. The more a coin is handled while in circulation only hurts the value. Look for coins that are straight from the US Money Reserve or from certified coin dealers.
  • Pay attention to errors. Coin errors can only add value. Be sure that the errors are true ones and not an attempt by someone to add value at your expense.
  • Be sure to own all the years and coin types in the various sets available.



Bullion are coins made with precious metals such as gold or silver. The value of each coin is based on precious metal value and rarity of each coin. Here are some facts that you will want to know about bullion coins:



  • Bullion coins have been a source of value for people for many years. Average investors can easily add these to their nest eggs to build value.
  • Gold bullion are usually higher in price because of the demand that is attached to the gold metal.
  • Silver can be found in certain coins that were minted during certain date ranges. They can still be found in circulation.
  • Bullion coins cross international borders. Countries all of the world have their own gold and silver coins that you can own.



Getting started is the hardest part regarding coins and bullion. Knowledge is key to making the best choices concerning your desires. Whatever the reason for diving into coins and bullions there is a lot to gain.

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Kevin Seawright Is Helping Businesses In Newark To Grow And Prosper

Kevin Seawright is the Senior Vice President and CEO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. In a recent interview, he explains how he is taking actions to improve overall conditions in the area and is using his personal knowledge to make a difference.

He explains how the EDC came into existence. He said that the corporation was formerly known as Brick City Development Corporation. The current strategy involves a development plan that is city wide. The key goal for the company is to give a helping hand to small businesses in the community. This includes both uptown and downtown. The type of business is not important. They believe in helping all business located throughout the community. They are offering small business loans rather than giving out grants.

The previous company was completely rebranded and revamped and is now focusing much more on the community and extending the reach of the organization. Kevin Seawright also said that he is very much enjoying working with this company and has been with them since 2014. The company even has their own loan specialist. The loan specialist is Lexie Demirali. She works closely with the businesses that apply for the loans and she helps to guide them through every step and explains what all of their options are.

Kevin Seawright’s company obtains their funding through several local banks as well as working closely with the SBA. Some fo the criteria include the businesses being located in Newark and being a small business that needs a helping hand. They are offering loans on average of $25,000. If the loan is going to be for more money then they look to other financial institutions. He also states that the company makes sure to charge reasonable interest rates.

Since the company began helping small local businesses, they have managed to help fifty-three individual applicants. He credits the whole team working with him for the success of the endeavor. With their help, there is a new surge of businesses springing up all over the area.

Michael Zomber Gets Antique Knife Dating To Abolition Movement


Michael Zomber recently expanded his impressive collection of antique American weapons. He got a Bowie knife that is believed to have been used to attack John Brown, one of America’s most notorious abolitionists. During the 19th century, Brown led a major movement that pressured politicians to abolish slavery. Brown was heavily criticized nationwide for his extremely violent approach to abolition. Therefore, it’s not surprising that several assassination attempts were made on him. With the acquisition of the Bowie knife, Michael Zomber is simply thrilled to hold a piece of American history. However, it’s important to note that this knife did not actually kill John Brown. In fact, the abolitionist was killed by authorities rather than some unknown assassins.

Since early adulthood, Zomber has been collecting various types of American firearms and other related artifacts. He is particularly fascinated with the U.S. Civil War and the era following this conflict. A large portion of his collection consists of weapons that date back to this major civil campaign that cost hundreds of thousands of American lives. Michael Zomber is such a big fan of American history that he decided to write some books about it. As a professional author, he is surely qualified to write novels and other works. “Sweet Betsy That’s Me” and “A Son of Kentucky” are both about the U.S. Civil War. These books give readers a good understanding of this major conflict that affected ordinary individuals throughout the nation.


In addition to being an expert on American history, Michael Zomber is also considered an authority on Japanese weapons. He holds a personal collection of samurai swords and armor that are centuries old. He has even sold some of his prized items to other people who admire samurai culture. Additionally, Zomber is the author of “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai” and “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan.” Both of these fascinating novels highlight the rich heritage of the samurai in Japan. As a film producer, Zomber is also credited by IMDb with launching the “Soul of the Samurai” with some assistance from his wife.

Routine is the Key For Your Best Hair

As you look through the pages of your favorite magazine you see picture after picture of people with beautiful hair. What is their secret and where can you get it? The reality is much simpler and easier to do than you may think. It all comes down to routine.

Beautiful, healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight. The health of your hair comes down to your overall routine. Consistency is very important! From the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use, to the different treatment and styling products available, using them the way they were formulated will make a big difference. While it may be tempting to jump from one product line to another, you are much more likely to get the results you want if you find a product line you like and stick to it. The fact is, different companies formulate their products in such a way that they work the best together.

When it comes to styling products, any time you can use a product that nourishes your hair as well is a huge plus. For instance, a product like WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Nourishing Mousse not only provides body, volume and shine, it contains natural botanical extracts that nourish your scalp and amino acids to strengthen your hair. As it’s working to give you great hold, it is actively helping your hair and scalp to be healthier. Taking advantage of a nourishing styling product is getting the best of both worlds. A perfect style you love, and healthier, happier hair at the end of the day. Get these products exclusively on Sephora or thru eBay and Guthy-Renker online.

Think about what you do to your hair every day, and start looking for things you could do for it instead and you will be well on your way to the healthiest hair you can have! Check out the WEN hair Facebook page and Twitter account (https://twitter.com/wenhaircare) for more information.

The Fastest Growing Companies In The United States

Status Labs, the digital reputation management, PR and marketing company is named as one of the fastest growing firms in America. The distinction was achieved after the publication of the latest ranking of the Inc. 500. According to the ranking, Status Lab is 339th on the list of 500 fastest growing companies in America. The fast growth is reflected by the amazing increase of nearly 1099 percent in the three years between 2012 and 2015.

The growth was spurred by its CEO Darius Fisher, who was instrumental in creating new digital product offerings that proved useful for a large number of executives from the Fortune 500 firms. When asked about the achievement, Darius explained that the success can be attributed to the integration of SEO, marketing, PR with digital reputation management. He was also optimistic regarding the future of his company as he expects substantial growth in the coming years.

It is notable that the Inc. 500 list represents an important segment of the American society – its entrepreneurs. Companies such as LinkedIn, Yelp, Domino’s Pizza and Zillow were started by these entrepreneurs. In fact, all of these well-known names gained early exposure in the Inc. 500 list. Hopefully, Status Labs will also join these companies in the near future.

About Status Labs

Status Labs is a digital reputation management company that also provides public relation, SEO and marketing services to its clients. It has offices in Atlanta, New York and Sao Paulo. Currently, the company serves more than 1,400 high-profile clients from nearly 40 countries around the world.

In recent years, the growth of the company was profiled by major publications that includes New York Times, New York Post, US News & World Report, The Daily Beast, Observer and DuJour Magazine, among others. In fact, the CEO of the company, Darius Fisher is also named as one of the most inspiring leaders. For instance, Darius recently received the Gold reward by PR World and named as the Business Development Individual of the Year. Previously, he was also awarded the prestigious Innovation 50 Award, which showcases innovation under a high ranked officer of a company.


Beauty Blogger Reaches for Bottle of WEN’s No-Lather Shampoo for Healthy Hair

When your hair is healthy, it has movement, shine, manageability and is the envy of many. However, lots of us have dull, damaged and even fried locks and can’t get a break. We buy numerous hair products, some with frothy lathers but don’t realize these chemical-laden formulas are actually ruining our hair. That’s why Wen hair by Chaz was created, to put the purity and gentleness back into hair care.
Famous LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the no lather shampoo brand a number of years ago, and his genius invention revolutionized the way we cleanse our tresses. His special cleansing conditioners use plant-based ingredients and zero chemicals for a life-changing shampoo experience. WEN by Chaz was designed to work on any type of hair, which is so refreshing to know. If you desire Hollywood hair, then this eBay available product is for you.

Bustle.com blogger Emily McClure was hoping for A-list tresses and decided on a 7-day WEN hair challenge. She kept a hair log and posted hair selfies for her readers. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for its rich formula for damaged hair.

Emily enjoyed using this unique cleansing conditioner, and her beautiful hair selfies are all the proof one needs to see that this Guthy-Renker produced brand is a miracle in a bottle.

Here are her simple tips for getting the best out of WEN:

1. If you’re really lazy about your hair, then don’t pick up a bottle of WEN, because the system works superbly when you put in effort with a blow-dry and favorite styling tools.

2. Wash every day in the morning for the best volume that lasts all day. When Emily used it at night, she didn’t think the results were as exceptional.

3. Follow bottle directions and use ample WEN to create big, clean hair.

4. Like the page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/