Lovaganza Celebrations for Global Unity

Lovaganza is a worldwide social entertainment event with a humanitarian mission to inspire humanity, unity, peace and abundance in the world. From May to September 2020, Lovaganza celebrations will showcase different cultures in the world with groundbreaking entertainment to unite Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceanic, Middle East and Asia. Lovaganza is divided into two entities; the first one will entertain people by showcasing different cultures on Instagram while the other focuses on humanitarian acts and making the world a better place to live.

The for-profit Lovaganza focuses on entertainment producing a collaboration of films that ignite global impact while generating funds and grants for the non-profit organization called the Lovaganza Foundation. In August 2016, the Lovaganza Foundation announced that the event would be held in 2020, where there shall be a celebration of cultures from across the world to promote unity and love.

Lovaganza Immerscope
Immerscope is derived from the word immerse which involves an immersive experience where viewers showcase movies, shows, exhibitions, and attractions. Lovaganza celebrations feature super wide 180 degrees glasses and 3D curved wraparound screens. The Lovaganza 2020 celebrations will entertain viewers by immersing spectators into the action. The immersive entertainment approach will unify all cultures on earth. Lovaganza has three vital celebrations namely:
* Lovaganza 2020 for UNITY
* Lovaganza 2025 for PEACE
* Lovaganza 2030 for ABUNDANCE

After the three outlined celebrations, Lovaganza will present its 2040 core objective through entertainment including its mission and vision for the human history. The 2040 show is expected to be called BETA WORLD.

The impact of Lovaganza
Lovaganza entertainment approach aims at awakening a new global consciousness. According to Lovaganza, the first steps towards a prosperous world are to unify the whole world through connecting races on finance.yahoo.com. With the immersive entertainment, Lovaganza hopes to bring all cultures together. Lovaganza hopes to have a powerful impact through its three celebrations.

The History of Lovaganza
The Lovaganza Foundation was founded by Genevieve Gagnon and J.F Gagnon with a dream to unify humanity by providing Quality of Life to Humanity. The two believed that quality lives could be achieved through empowering, inspiring and uniting like-minded foundations and organizations. The core goals of the organization were to provide quality life to all children from birth to 15-year-olds by 2035. Lovaganza Foundation plans to achieve this aim by providing clean drinking water, food, clothing, health care, education and safety to children. Lovaganza mission includes promoting the attraction of towns and cities throughout the year.

Renting Shared Manhattan Office Spaces Brings More Friendships

One thing that was and is still very common in the workforce is the sense of isolation. One of the reasons that many people dread going to work each day is that there tends to be a sense of isolation and disconnection in the workplace. To make things worse, there is also the scapegoating and targeting. This often leaves some employees feeling more alone than ever. For one thing, the politics designed to undermine a worker and even get him fired could be really draining. As a result, work becomes this horrific period of the day that people just have to deal with in order to pay the bills.

Fortunately, there is another option for people that want to work. This option is the shared office space. This is for people that are working for themselves. People who are working in this type of environment will experience peace, harmony, and collaboration. To top it off, they will form deep and lasting friendships. This will bring forth a lot of motivation in order to do the work needed to succeed in their business. They will also find themselves wanting to go to the co-working space which becomes like a home away from home.

People that are looking for a co-working space is going to do well with Workville. This New York shared office space known as Workville is definitely a friendly place for people that are looking at alternate ways of earning money. Freelance writers as well as contractors and entrepreneurs are going to benefit well from this. Those that have become accustomed to the old culture of work are going to find themselves in for a surprise when they find that people are more social when they are in the shared office space. Therefore, it is very easy for workers to make a lot of friends while working.

Marc Sparks: Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. The Austin, Texas native has been starting businesses ever since he graduated from high school in 1975. Dozens of the businesses that he has founded have gone on to be wildly successful. Many people were surprised because Marc Sparks was only a ‘C’ student. But he has proven to have an uncanny knack for identifying viable business concepts and turning them into money makers. However, coming from a poor academic background and having to overcome obstacles has helped Sparks to remain humble and try his best to help people that have been beaten down by life.

Recently Sparks put down some of his experience in an inspiring book. In it he explains that he has no formal training, but he has keen instincts. Sparks says it’s only through the will of God that he’s been able to create and sell more than $100 million worth of products. He explains that the challenges and difficult circumstance he and others face is God’s way of teaching people responsible and appreciation and keeping them humble. Sparks said his book, called ‘They Can’t Eat You’ was difficult to write because in it he exposes his scars and hi many failures. But he feels people can learn more from them than his successes.

And there have been lots of spectacular successes for Marc Sparks. He has a knack for building businesses many don’t think could possibly work. With no formal training he created a software company that made $200 million a year. He ran an insurance holding company from his spare bedroom. It grew to have a market cap of almost a billion dollars. Another of his successful ventures is Timber Creek Capital. He created the company from an idea, created short and long-term goals, involves the entire team in building the company and sets the example by working the hardest. He solves problems at ‘Sparks Speed’ by resolving them immediately with his staff rather than scheduling formal meetings.

For Marc Sparks, the best role he can play is to help people attain their goals and dreams. He does this by providing inspiration, support and opportunities. He hopes people will draw inspiration from his book and be motivated to pursue their dreams and overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way. He offers support through his many philanthropic activities. Since the 1980s Sparks has run a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. About 160 people stay there for 5 month at a time. Sparks and his team feeds and clothes them, provides them with job skills and job placement. Graduates of the program return to encourage and inspire current residents a year later. Sparks says it’s a humbling experience.

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Lighting Systems of the Future

Gooee lighting systems and the LED light in particular are truly an adventure which every consumer must embark upon…..and explore in depth, to say the very least! It is time efficient, energy efficient, and cost efficient as a whole. LED is truly unique and a modern way to save; there is no other form of light energy quite like it, and you will see why.

First off, for those of you who may be wondering, the letters L, E, and D in LED lighting stand for LIGHT EMITTING DIODE. It basically means that a semi conductor is used, and this neat device turns electric power into light. Now how cool is that in and of itself? Wait. For there is more….

Not only that, but LIGHT EMITTING DIODE, or LED, lighting systems have a strong and long life span which far surpasses that of the typical incandescent light bulb tactics, per say. How long, you may ask? I am glad you asked!

LIGHT EMITTING DIODE lighting systems have a life span of approximately 25,000 to 50,000 hours of usage. That is very well, when you consider things in the long run and just how much is consumed in a month itself. To calculate this, simply make an estimate of how often lights are turned on and off inside your home or business….as well as for how long they remain on and off in these daily periods, typically. It is not hard to see that the LIGHT EMITTING DIODE is superb!

A ‘non-Silicon Valley’ Startup Finally Embraced By Parents and Teachers.

ClassDojo has raised $21 million to fund an educational project that connects parents, students and their teachers to communicate consistently about social and behavioral development at school. When communication is enhanced throughout the school day and at home, parents can understand more about what kids are experiencing and their behavior at school all the time.

Teachers can use ClassDojo to make a schedule of activities known to parents on a daily basis. The app can also be used to snap and send photos, and videos to the parents showing how their kids are participating at school. When the company was founded in 2011, the founders had a lot of business ideas they had to evaluate such as grade books and testing platforms, but the one that stood out was the easy-to-use communication tool which could create a culture and community among parents, teachers, and students.


ClassDojo is focused on distributing the app to more schools and parents. ClassDojo believes teachers spend 40% of their time managing student’s behavior rather than helping them to learn. The classroom management tool is expected to make a significant change through basic game mechanics, rewards, and punishment principles to aid teachers and parents in shaping students behaviors. The app is built to allow teachers to reward points for good behavior and subtract points for bad behavior. Students can view their points in real time.


The teaching community has embraced the classroom communication tool, which is the reason it has recorded extraordinary growth. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store, and it functions as a social media community. The teachers are required to upload photos and videos of students to allow the parents to see schoolwork. Currently, the app has already been downloaded by millions of users worldwide, but Class Dojo declined to give out a specific number of downloads.


Classroom communication tool may sound simple, but it has already transformed the teaching experience. In America alone, the app is being used across private, public, and charter schools across the United States and still being used by 180 countries globally. Recently, ClassDojo partnered with Standford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to develop a five-part series of animated videos to bring research in the classroom.


The concept of growth mindset was popularized in recent years by Stanford’s Carol Dweck with her colleagues. The concept holds that students’ intelligence and abilities can be developed over time when the students are guided in the right way.


How To Avoid Losing Your Lip Balm Before You Finish It

Nothing is more annoying than buying a lip balm that is perfect to use and protects your lips but loses its way and you lose it. Oftentimes, you’ll have your Chapstick with you everywhere you go, but a single moment can cause you to drop the item or misplace it. You’d think with the very small size most chap sticks and lip balms come with that they are easier to bring around, but that’s not exactly the case. You’re tired of losing your lip balm, and so these tips can help you avoid this problem.
How To Avoid Losing Your Lip Balm Before You Even Finish It

The first thing to remember is to place your lip balm in a place that is easily accessible. For example, make sure that you are always alert with where you out the lip balm. Since it is small, it should fit about anywhere that you bring it. They are usually easy to lose because of their small size, so take that disadvantage and make it easier on you by placing it wherever you need to. Some people put them in their shoes or they have a small pocket in their jeans usually to keep a dollar. These are great for small lip balms.

Be creative with your Chapstick and where you place it. You can always place it on key chains, bags, wallets, and even add it to your keys. One of the best brands is definitely the Evolution Of Smooth or EOS. Their lip balm products (http://www.walmart.com/ip/eos-Evolution-of-Smooth-Strawberry-Sorbet-Wildberry-Lip-Balms-2-count/46532012) are some of the best because of the easy cleaning ingredients they have that do not hurt or damage the skin in any way or form. They are easy to use and smooth on the lips.

Getting these lip balms for your lips can be perfect for improving the texture of your lips making them chap-free and smooth every single day. Order and get your EOS lip balms on Ulta.com or Racked.com today!

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Eucatex’s CEO Expands And Strengthens The Company’s Environmental Policies

For nearly 70 years, Eucatex has been a world leader in the production of wood panelling products used in homes and buildings like hotels and resorts. Because of its location in Brazil, this company has always had ready access to some of the most valuable and fine forest materials on the planet.

With growing worldwide concern for preserving sensitive ecosystems, Eucatex has also become a lighthouse corporation for environmental awareness. Thanks to its CEO Flávio Maluf, the company opened South America’s first and largest industrial wood waste recycling facility. As a highly recognized mechanical engineer and Brazil native, Maluf realized the importance of growing his company using principles that put the preservation of the environment above other concerns.

This recycling facility funnels wood wastes from consumer products and industrial production into a specialized processing plant. Nearly a quarter of a million metric tons of waste is collected from a huge part of the country’s southeast region. This facility reduces the need to cut down thousands of hectares of forests each year. The base materials created are then used to make hardboard and as fuel to fire boilers at Eucatex’s main production facility.

It’s clear from AvozDavitoria that Flávio Maluf is taking Eucatex into financial realms the company has never before experienced. He is finalizing partnerships with mega companies like DuPont and Dow, but insists that the environmental policies that work so well for his company be prime factors in all of its partnerships. One of the premier in-house management programs in which Mr. Maluf is most proud, is Eucatex’s privately-owned forests. For decades, Eucatex has sustained massive swaths of replanted forest land for supplying its industrial needs. This is another model from Eucatex proving to the world that quality wood products can be made without endangering wild areas. Be sure to follow Flavio on Facebook, or read more about him on his official website.