Talk Fusion, Bob Reina and Making a Difference

Talk Fusion is a video communications company. Bob Reina, the chief executive officer, founded Talk Fusion in 2007. Talk Fusion draws on innovation and technology to offer clients high quality video services and marketing. Reina has tried to do a lot more than build a successful business. He sees Talk Fusion as a vehicle for making a positive difference in people’s lives. He has built the firm’s corporate culture around the idea of giving back to the community. Reina summarized his philanthropic philosophy in an article published on the website Your Mark on the World: “With great success comes greater responsibility.”

Reina backs up his positive words with hard cash. His giving includes gifts of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa bay, assistance for Indonesian orphans aid to survivors of the tsunami in Japan a few years ago.Recently, he has initiated a new program that makes Talk Fusion and its Independence Associates partners in his charitable efforts.

Reina wants to help charities and nonprofit organizations publicize their messages to more people. His idea is to allow each Associate to award one free Talk Fusion account to a worthy organization of his or her choice. This is the premium Custom Monthly Plan, and it includes all of Talk Fusion’s video communication features and services.

The centerpiece of the services Talk Fusion offers is the video email system. The system is straightforward and works with most video equipment, not just webcams. First, the client creates the video message he or she wants. The next step is to upload the video using the Talk Fusion portal. The video can then be combined with other images such as logos, branding images and product images. The resulting video email may be saved so the material can be used in later emails. Clients can send the video email to a single recipient or to as many as desired.

In addition to video email, Talk Fusion offers video conferencing, video chat and video newsletters. The system this gives small businesses a complete video marketing and servicing platform to reach out to clients.

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Venezuelan Agricultural Entrepreneur José Manuel González Wants Political Reform

Venezuela is at a breaking point. The socialist government under the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro is turning the country into a modern day disaster area. The Maduro government wants no help from the outside. Maduro claims to be solving the extreme food, water, and electric shortages in the socialist country, but Venezuela is being ransacked by looters that used to be ordinary citizens. Men like José Manuel González, the current Deputy to the National Assembly in the state of Guárico is reaching out and telling Maduro and his government that what they are doing isn’t working.

González, the former President of Fedecamaras, and an agricultural entrepreneur believes the only way to solve the issues that are destroying the country is through a national agreement. That agreement should make the socialist government responsible for its actions, and the people and Parliament must be on the same page.

Trying to get Maduro, the former truck driver turned Chávez politician, to listen to reason is fruitless, according to González. The only solution is to get Maduro out of office. González thinks that politics is too important to be run by politicians that have their own agenda. That agenda usually includes padding their pockets with government funds, which seems to be the case in Venezuela right now.

In a recent press release, Mr. González said Venezuela is tired of the phony improvisation and ridiculous measures that don’t produce a comprehensive plan that eliminates the root of the country’s problems. González went on to say that Maduro’s government must respect the rights of its citizens and should stop the warlord mentality that is destroying the social system in the country. The Chávez type political agenda is turning Venezuela into a shadow country even though it has the largest oil reserves in the world. José Manuel González wants the political system to work, and right now Maduro is playing by his own set of rules. In the meantime, exports are almost non-existent, and the people are starving.

Venezuela’s situation is being examined by people in The United States, and they agree with Mr. González. Venezuela is too rich for its people to be poor.

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Keith Mann: Raising Money and Changing Lives

Keith Mann is a good person. That might sound like a simplistic statement, but in my eyes, it is one-hundred and ten percent true. He is always looking out for others and always has his eye on what is happening around him in the world. He isn’t just focused on himself and his own needs. Recently, Keith Mann along with Keely Mann set up the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award has intentions of helping out graduating seniors from Uncommon Schools, a non-profit charter management organization. Each year, one graduating senior will receive this honor. It will help them towards the future.

In a way, you can look at it like sports. It is all about preparing your team for the future. You draft someone, develop them, and get them ready for the big time. That is what this award does. A lot of young adults and children have big and bright ideas, but sometimes they don’t always have someone to support them and show them the way. However, once they have the tools, they can really fly and succeed, as nothing is holding them back and nothing is in their way. They can reach for the sky and achieve things they probably never thought possible.

It is about making dreams a reality. Kids today are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, and they are full of ideas, innovation, and creativity. With this scholarship from Keith, they can put it to use for something positive. It teaches them how to handle responsibility and be a leader. It also shows them that someone else believes in them, their idea, and their passion. They have older adults that have been there, done that, and they see something in them. Once they have that confidence, the sky is the limit, as nothing can stop them.

After that, it is up to them. They just need someone to open the door for them and once that door is open, they can do just about anything without any hesitation or limitations. They are ready, willing, and able to tackle whatever life throws their way with flying colors.

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Diversant: An Entrepreneur Offers Staffing Solutions

One thing that could be said for entrepreneurs is that they could easily find a market that they could profit from. Among the most important markets that entrepreneurs could take part in is the job placement market. Fortunately, a couple of entrepreneurs have gotten together to put together a staffing company that helps IT professionals find jobs. This company is called Diversant LLC. This staffing solutions company helps people find the jobs that they are looking for so that they can support themselves. It also provides job counseling services in order to help people improve their resume and skills so that they could more easily land the job.

Diversant LLC is the idea of John Goullet and Gene Waddy. John Goullet is the Principal of the company. He has started off providing IT consulting solutions. He eventually switched into IT staffing. He has served plenty of companies including Fortune 500 companies. His company, Info Technologies was a very successful company that eventually gained $30 M. John Goullet has eventually met with Gene Waddy. They have connected and decided to bring their companies together to form Diversant LLC. As the Principal of the black owned company, Goullet continues to look for innovative solutions for the IT market.

With entrepreneurs like John, one thing is for certain, people will easily find jobs in the IT industry. This saves them a lot of trouble of looking at the different leads. Instead, they get a call when there is something available for them that matches their set of skills. John Goullet and Gene Waddy understand the issues that can come with finding a job. However, being an entrepreneur has its own challenges. John Goullet and Gene Waddy have both overcome their obstacles to offer something that can help people find the employment opportunity that they are looking for.

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Eric Pulier’s Life Story

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier is a fine example of what happens when even at a young age, people can take a vested interest in anything, be it art, medicine or technology.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and had always taken an interest in dealing with computers and technology. Ever since elementary school he found himself interested in computer programming and put this talent to use when he founded his own database company in high school. Eventually, he enrolled at Harvard University and graduated from the college in 1984 with his bachelor’s in English and American literature. He also took some classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Once he completed his college studies, Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and created his first company called People Doing Things (PDT), which let him address health care, education, finances and other issues to customers through the usage of technology. Over the next two decades Pulier was responsible for being a founder and co-founder of multiple companies including Digital Evolution in 1994, Media Platform Inc in 2007, ServiceMesh, Inc in 2008 and XPrize in 2013.

Although being the founder of many different technology businesses is what Eric Pulier has specialized in, he has also been very active as a philanthropist and a humanitarian. For example, Pulier was responsible for aiding the Multiple Sclerosis Society with a multimedia education program, the first of its kinds, that would teach people who have the disease about their condition. Pulier was also involved with the Clinton Global Initiative which involved his development on a program that would provide cloud-based resources to underdeveloped communities at a very inexpensive cost. He has even shown his support for the Campaign for Free College Tuition, an organization that aims to provide free and affordable college for all Americans.

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Bob Reina & Talk Fusion: Setting the Future Platform to Success


Marketing solutions and innovations are developed on a daily basis in order to improve ways for a company or business to get their products/services to a global market. One of these innovative technologies that is gaining traction with businesses and companies on a global spectrum is the idea of video marketing. One company is taking on the challenge of assisting prospective customers in being able to indulge in this process and reap the benefits from doing so. This company is Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is one of the most popular video marketing solutions that users have at their disposal. This company has taken measures to ensure that their proprietary concept and technology is the very best when it comes to video marketing. The company has even begun to offer prospective companies and businesses the opportunity to try out their software and solutions via a risk-free 30 day trial. The trial period will allow these companies to take in all that Talk Fusion has to offer. The free-trial software provides prospective companies with an insight into what Talk Fusion can do to boost their marketing efforts. Step-by-step analysis, a library of tools, and guides that assist the consumer through the use of Talk Fusion’s software allow for the consumer to immerse themselves in the sensation of video marketing and all it has to offer.

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He believes that offering up this risk-free trial will allow consumers to truly get a feel for what Talk Fusion can do to help get the word out about their prospective products/charitable organizations. The marketing capabilities don’t only encompass the business world, but they reach charitable organizations as well. Bob and his company feature a direct partnership with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Through Talk Fusion, Bob and his associates have helped create awareness for at-risk animals all across the globe and have done so through these powerful marketing tools that they have created.

Talk Fusion continues to grow and innovate their technology to meet the needs of any perspective consumer. Bob and his team are dedicated to ensuring the consumer that they have the tools they need to be successful available for them at Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the marketing platform of the future and they continue to stay ahead of the curve that is the marketing world.


Danilo Diaz Granados: The Investor And Entrepreneur

Danilo Diaz Granados developed an interest in business at a young age. His hard work and determination have paid off because today he is a successful businessman and investor. Danillo is the founder and CEO of Toys For Boys Miami. This is a company that sells luxury goods and jewelry. Vintage cars, high-end watches, fine art and exotic cars are some of the products that this company sells. The company was first established in 2013.

Toys For Boys Miami has received great reviews from numerous satisfied customers. It is one of the most popular luxury boutiques in Miami. There is also a Toys For Boys Magazine.

Before Danilo started Toys For Boys Miami, he was the manager of Movilway. This is an electronic and mobile payments company. Danilo is also an associate at Fireman Capital Partners. He started working for the firm in 2015. Fireman Capital Partners is an equity investment firm.

Danilo has also worked as an account advisor for Private Equity Investing, which is a company that is located in Miami. He analyzed how demographic, social and innovative qualities affect investment opportunities. He also analyzed the global investment to return relationships in fine arts, energy efficiency and merchandising industries.

Danilo is the co-founder and producer of another successful business, which is Edge Of Glory Films. This film company is located in Miami. It was established in 2012. He is involved in the editing, promotion and distribution of the content. The goal of Edge Of Glory Films is to bring new media that focuses on Hispanic interests to America.

Danilo is a graduate of Babson College. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics and entrepreneurship. Danilo is married to Fefi Salvatierra, who is the daughter of a successful businessman. When the couple is not working, they are spending time in New York, Panama and Miami.

The Manse on Marsh Receives the 2016 Caring Star Award

Manse on Marsh, an independent and affordable living community of San Luis Obispo received the 2016 Caring Star Award. This is the second consecutive year the community received the honorary award for its five-star ratings among tenants′ reviews in the Senior Care Directory of From 2014 through 2015, the community received at least five five-star reviews and maintained an overall average review of five stars. The Manse on Marsh has a history of providing superb services and living arrangements for seniors and retirees living on the property. Its customer service staff is quick to respond to complaints and was recognized for resolving negative reviews.

Chris Skiff, owner of The Manse on Marsh has established communities for the elderly for more than 20 years. The UCLA graduate dedicated his life to building cost efficient apartments and studios, since he was 23 years of age. The Manse on Marsh Community contains staff members, including registered nurses, nurse assistants, and caregivers to assist its tenants with housekeeping, taking prescribed medications, and other personal needs. The staff will remind seniors when it’s time to take their meds, and with bathing and grooming. Mr. Skiff has dedicated his life to building reputable housing for seniors to enjoy life and live productive lives with independence and safety.

The Manse on Marsh offers variety of optional living arrangement plans and amenities that meet the needs of individual seniors. The choices for living arrangements include studios, single bedrooms, cottages, or adjacent homes. For complete independence, the community has private homes for temporary or long-term tenants. The private homes include a kitchen with appliances for seniors to prepare their own meals. Manse on Marsh has fabulous amenities for dining out, transportation, social activities, housekeeping services, and much more.

To learn more about The Manse on Marsh, request a tour by visiting the community or its website. The independent and assisted living community is one of the largest senior communities in the United States. The staff members are attentive, professional, and patient with the tenants. Manse on Marsh is located downtown and welcomes seniors and retirees who are looking for affordable and temporary or long-term housing and care.

Thor Halvorssen Makes Trouble For Tyrants

Thor Halvorssen is one of the best people in the world for fighting against tyranny. He knows that a lot of things can be changed if he keeps those stories in the public eye, and he wants to be sure that he can make changes to the way some people live. He wants to put the stories in the media, and he wants to open as many offices as he can around the world to help people. Helping people means getting on the ground with all his volunteers, and he stays on top of all the stories as much as he can.

Thor Halvorssen is also someone who wants to be sure that he explains to westerners how governments work. He knows that a lot of people are not sure how certain kinds of government work, but he can help people understand with his own stories about it. He has talked about how Bernie Sanders wants to use a certain kind of delicate socialism to help the people, and he has talked about how tyranny can befall any country when it is not managed well.

There are a lot of news stories about how government around the world are not doing right by their citizens, and a lot of those stories come from Thor Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation goes after any problem around the world that they think is not good for the people. They know that there are a lot of people around the world who are trying to fight against tyranny, and they are trying to help in any way they can.

They also take meetings with world leaders to make sure that they have a way of helping all the people of the world help from other countries. The people around the world who are saved or helped by the Human Rights Foundation can live better lives, and they will all be in a position to help others after a life spent in a bad situation. According to this article in Time, Thor Halvorssen wants to be sure to help people who cannot help themselves against their government.

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Jim Hunt, Master Trader And Teacher

You may be one of the many people who are trying to find luck in trading forex or stocks to make money. Most would-be traders don’t make it. On the other hand, it is very amazing how few traders become consistently successful. Surely, you are wondering what tricks and strategies those successful traders apply.

Learning the Secrets

You may have heard of Jim Hunt’s company VTA Publications offering courses and seminars about how one can become successful in trading different types of investments using several unique strategies. One of their resource instructors is Jim Hunt.

Who is Jim Hunt?

Jim Hunt is a trading guru who is not only an excellent investment tutor or instructor but also a veteran and expert trader of many different types of investments such as but not limited to forex, stocks, commodities, options, index, and more. He has recorded some of his successful trades and market positions to show how his strategies work effectively.

As an investment mentor and instructor, Jim Hunt can teach you a broad range of trading techniques. His courses and seminars may include:

Ø Trading for Beginners

Ø Technical Analysis

Ø Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Ø Leverage Trading

Ø Risk Management

Ø Market Direction

Ø Market Timing

Ø And more…

What is VTA Publications?

VTA Publications is a provider of remote learning courses such as online tutorials, eBook materials, digital learning resources, and webinars. It is also an event organizer of seminars and workshops. VTA Publications outsource only the best and the brightest instructors in their respective areas of specialization on which they base the courses they offer. Jim Hunt is one these best outsourced instructors.


Trading is not an easy career to begin with because of the risk involved in it. Nevertheless, the door to successful trading is never closed for anyone who wants to follow Jim Hunt’s footsteps. An open mind is the key to open the hidden areas of opportunities.  Check out their latest articles, to see what they really have to offer.